Gallipoli 1915 – In The Light of The Vatican’s Secret Archive Documents : Frankk Coff…

The documents regarding Battle of Gallipoli at Vatican’s Secret Archive Documents İllustrate another aspect of the war. We can basically summarize this as the human part of the war. On the one hand, the war continued with all its painful and stiff ways and on the other hand the states of the Allied Powers had an important request from Ottoman authorities. It was the protection of the graves belonging to the soldiers Iying in Gallipoli. The documents that were disclosed for the first time in this book Show that these states made their requests via Vatican rather than doing it directly.Via Vatican, Ottoman military authorities were asked such questions as the plans and sketches of the places of the graves, which soldiers lie where, what happened to them, whether the religious symbols, crosses beings in the first place, were protected or not.

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